Tower Music’s repair department handles all kinds of services, from guitars to school band to orchestral string instruments. Our competitive pricing and schooled repair technicians can get you back up and running without killing your wallet. Bring your instrument by today and one of our knowledgeable techs can assess, estimate, and repair it!


Fretted Instrument Repair:

Tower Music can set up and/ or repair your guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, and just about any other fretted instrument. We can do anything from restrings, setups, basic parts repair and replacement, electronics work, deep cleaning, and more. If your instrument requires a more in-depth repair than we can do in house, we will connect you with one of our affiliate specialty repair shops!


Band Instrument Repair:

Tower Music has a full line repair bench for repairing and cleaning your school band instrument. We do everything from basic adjustments to dent removal to full re-pads and re-corking. From flutes to tubas, we can help you get your band instrument clean and ready for the school year.


Orchestral Repair:

Tower Music’s repair department handles all orchestral string instruments including violin, viola, cello, and double bass. From string replacement to parts repair to bridge shaping and setting, we can get you up and playing in no time!