At Tower Music we repair almost anything that is associated with music, band, and pro audio. From basic effect stomp boxes to large keyboards or audio mixers, we can clean or repair your equipment and make it as good as new.

    Tower Music's repair department is dedicated to making sure your equipment is done the right way and in a timely manner. We only use knowledgable, experienced repairmen to do our work. If your repair needs to be sent in for factory work, we can assist you in shipping it and maintaining contact with the factory repair department.

    Sorry, but at this time we do not repair any home audio equipment, cd players, cassette decks, or any other consumer grade home electronics.   

    Repair Policy: Repair time on most items is approximately 1-3 weeks but can vary depending on waiting times for parts. A non-refundable bench fee is applied and collected when you drop your repair off to us but will be rolled into the repair price if the repair is approved and completed. If the repair exceeds the value of your equipment, we will allow you to apply the bench fee toward the purchase of a replacement.

Bench fees are:

Instrument repair - $20

Small electronic repair - $40

Large electronic repair (large mixers, large keyboards, etc) - $60

If you have any questions regarding repair pricing, please call us at 636-343-2222 for more info.