Meinl HE3000 8.5" Aluminum Doumbek, Black

Price: $149.99
SKU:  ae00-1488
Manufacturer Part #:  HE3000
Hand made entirely of aluminum, the MEINL Doumbek has outstanding sound quality. The durable synthetic head easily and quickly changes range from deep, resonant "doum" lows to snapping, ringing highs that both fully project. These beautifully crafted instruments have a truly authentic sound that is native of music from the Middle East, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. Professional world percussion players have gravitated to MEINL Doumbeks due to their unsurpassed acoustic properties as well as their durability and fine craftsmanship. With the rim sitting flush to the head on these models, finger-snapping techniques are easily executed. The sleek black vinyl coating makes this model very easy to handle while playing, ensuring a strong grip on the instrument. The coating also protects the solid handcrafted aluminum shell and maintains all of the tones and projection coming from the drum.

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