Manhasset 1060 LED Lamp II

Price: $34.95
SKU:  ae00-1480
Manufacturer Part #:  1060
Manhasset has a long-standing reputation for creating the most durable, long-lasting music stands. Our rugged, all-aluminum music stands are lightweight yet durable to withstand the wear and tear that comes with being a musician. All Manhasset music stands are made in the USA and are powder-coated, glare-free, and scratch-resistant to ensure top performance. Our music stands provide stability without taking up valuable stage space. The sleek design of the stands makes for easy storage and transport and looks classy and timeless when on stage. Manhasset products are built to last and designed with musicians in mind. With a Manhasset music stand, you can rely on the quality. The Lamp with Tubular Incandescent Bulb illuminates your stand without shining on the audience. It is durable and designed for years of use.

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