Boss RC5 Loop Station

Price: $234.99
SKU:  ae00-1145
Manufacturer Part #:  RC5
The RC-5 Loop Station, the latest iteration of BOSS's iconic red-boxed looper pedals, gives you 13 hours of pristine 32-bit stereo record time parceled out into 99 Phrase Memories. Phrase Memories store not only base loops and overdubs you've laid down, but also with tempo and reverb assignments to any of the 114 onboard drum grooves and seven drum kits you've chosen for accompaniment. This takes the RC-5 far beyond traditional looper territory and into something more akin to song management. Just think: Now you can quickly lay down chords, bass lines, melodies, and rhythms for scratch padding new ideas to potential bandmates. Or you can zhuzh up those loops and turn them into full-production live solo accompaniment. And thanks to the RC-5's USB connection, you can easily backup and reload loops by the setful. Through it all, the BOSS RC-5 Loop Station remains fast to learn, easy to use, and endless fun to play around with. The animated RGB backlit LCD keeps you apprised of measure, beat, and loop status every step of the way. Power user? The RC-5 also gives you stereo ins and outs, an assignable external footswitch/expression pedal port, and even TRS-MIDI in/out for syncing with drum machines and remote operation from your pedalboard MIDI switcher.

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